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"Our goal at Induo is to promote friendship of women and have women from different ages and background come together to enjoy a day of pampering and fun activities," said Ina Jones, co-founder at Induo Events.
Devoted to the female that takes complete delight in pampering herself fully, all products are made from the most gentle, luxuriant ingredients for a truly decadent experience.
Owner Lisa McGee said: "Each year we choose a service in our local community to enjoy a pampering time out.
So, this Sunday, Mums, we order you to give yourself a pampering. And here are the goodies to help you do it.
Imagine the scene, cool white leather bean bags, cosy pampering chairs, and relaxed lighting - they set the mood perfectly for your Girls Night In.
Pampering, pampering, pampering - publications everywhere are exhorting us to be pampered at all costs.
At the luxurious Sandy Lane Resort (246-444-2000;, the offerings go way beyond the beautiful white sand and clear waters at the beach Your pampering begins with the Bentley that transports you from the airport to a cream-colored coral-stone Palladian-style building.
The Cosmetic & Pampering Studio staff includes licensed massage therapist Ernest Robinson and manicurist and pedicurist Kendra Williams.
A two-pack of pampering begins with Pink Grapefruit & Balm Mint Foot Soak to ease aches and condition the skin; follow it with moisturizing Spearmint & Balm Mint Foot Lotion to leave the skin soft and smooth.
Here's your chance to win a pampering trip to Hoar Cross Hall, courtesy of Kleenex and
There is the risk that all the pampering will fundamentally alter a perspective.