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The biggest challenge was trying to assess the frequency and severity of pandemic risk.
Influenza virus A/ Netherlands/602/2009 was isolated from the first patient with pandemic (H1N1) 2009 virus infection in the Netherlands (18).
Janies cautions that there is another phenomenon with flu that could further make the pandemic strains difficult to treat.
There is some evidence that the WHO did in fact subtly change the terms under which such a pandemic may be declared.
In the United States, the 1918 pandemic killed as many as 675,000 people, with the highest incidence of death occurring among adults under 45 years of age.
The CMS also has created a billing code, G9142, for the pandemic influenza A(HlNl) vaccine itself.
We have an opportunity to secure vaccine in advance of a pandemic wave.
This will however depend on when and if the manufacturers switched from seasonal to H1N1 pandemic specific vaccine production at a time after phase 6 is declared by the World Health Organisation, as this will take precedence over pre-pandemic contracts.
Although we've had this pandemic capability for some time, we have now made it available with other Incident Command dashboard features.
Stephenson conducted a study to find out if a pre-pandemic vaccine could mitigate the worst effects of pandemic flu.
We do not know how bad the next pandemic will be, so we are preparing for the worst," said GNA President Cindy R.
Recommendation: To improve the nation's preparedness for a pandemic, the Secretary of HHS should expeditiously finalize guidance to assist state and local jurisdictions to determine how to effectively use limited supplies of antivirals and pre-pandemic vaccine in a pandemic, including prioritizing target groups for pre-pandemic vaccine.