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By bringing together a broad range of partners from the health care community, GDPH is making every effort to ensure that the state's pandemic planning efforts are inclusive and thorough.
Recommendation: To improve the nation's preparedness for a pandemic, the Secretary of HHS should expeditiously finalize guidance to assist state and local jurisdictions to determine how to effectively use limited supplies of antivirals and pre-pandemic vaccine in a pandemic, including prioritizing target groups for pre-pandemic vaccine.
Hrehocik: What is the difference between seasonal flu and pandemic flu?
Under the president's National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza Implementation Plan, the Labor Department is responsible for promoting the health, safety and welfare of employees and providing guidance to assist employers in protecting the health and safety of employees during a pandemic flu.
6 billion due to a severe pandemic flu, according to a study conducted by the Trust for America's Health.
The threat of an influenza pandemic is real and will affect all Americans.
The new guidelines focus primarily on community-level measures that could be used during an influenza pandemic to reduce the spread of infection.
She said: "Most people expect it will be the HN571 'bird flu' virus that will start the pandemic, if it mingles with human viruses and creates a new subtype transferable between humans.
Each ware of pandemic is likely to last up to eight weeks," says Burton, and the avian flu will likely come in two or three waves.
With a culture that Breuer describes as one that "tries to provide the most flexible and adaptable work environment," something like, say, pandemic planning is a "natural extension of some of our work practices," she says.