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IN the 20th century, no pandemic disease came close to doing as much harm as the Marxian labour theory of value.
Chapters discuss the broad trends of economic trade in the region and their implications for regional stability; US economic debt and its Asian super-creditors; Chinese economic trade as a constraint on military interventionism; Japan's economic and security challenges; South Korea's policy of deepening interdependence with North Korea; Russia's economic and security role in Asia; trade, energy, and security in Central Asia; South Asian economic integration; strategic dimensions of economic interdependence in Southeast Asia; the relationship between economic growth and political reform in China; and political and economic risks of pandemic disease.
troops in Iraq, or worrying about the spread of pandemic disease, or talking about how we can help the young democracy, Afghanistan,'' Bush said at a nationally televised event in Chicago.
wanted the members of the council to come out of this meeting with as much information as possible on planning for a pandemic disease and determining what small cities need to know to prepare for a possible pandemic influenza outbreak.
The North American country believes that Africa's entrepreneurs hold the key to leading the region to higher economic levels, eradication of debt and a way to fight poverty and pandemic disease.
Rather than discussing global poverty, exploitation of child labour, fair trade, pandemic disease, global warming or the eradication of third world debt, what is top of the agenda?
These novel viruses are a potential cause of pandemic disease.
There remains a "risk of SARS reemergence and for severe pandemic disease," said Dr.
The UN have estimated that the war will cause pandemic disease, there will be one million refugees, tens of thousands of civilians will die, and there will be 500,000 injured who will require medical assistance which will not be available.
The highlights here include sections on DeQuincey's opium eating, Percy Bysshe Shelley's theory of climatology, Coleridge's Rime of the Ancient Mariner and thoughts on cholera, and Mary Shelley's novel of pandemic disease, The Last Man.
But, as Hilary Bower explains, antibiotic resistance is a greater threat to global health than even a pandemic disease
Comparative genomic analysis of Vibrio cholerae: genes that correlate with cholera endemic and pandemic disease.