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Their remarks led to the pandemonium which led to a walkout by PPP members.
The pandemonium was stopped when the police authorities in the state interfered.
Packed with dramatic incidents and unforgettable characters, both avian and human, The Birds of Pandemonium is the engaging story of one woman's journey and her commitment to conservation.
As the pandemonium continued, Deputy Chairman Javed Rana adjourned the House for ten minutes.
It is the sequel to Ministry of Pandemonium, but it works too as a standalone title.
PANDEMONIUM Lauren Oliver (Hodder & Stoughton, pounds 12.
Wonderfully spattery pandemonium ensues as she tries to make amends.
A) WESTWOOD, Chris Ministry of Pandemonium Frances Lincoln, 2011 372pp $16.
I looked up the etymology of the word to see that Pandemonium is the name of the palace built in the middle of hell in Paradise Lost.
La Liz created mob-scene pandemonium on West 46th Street when her new hubby Richard Burton appeared in "Hamlet" at the Lunt-Fontanne in 1964.
The 37-year-old old is fresh from last autumn's Festival of Light, which was the scene for his Pandemonium Engine, a kinetic fire sculpture that was a 'walkabout' sculpture.
Daryl Gregory's previous novel, Pandemonium, was nominated for a World Fantasy Award.