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To pimp; to cater to the gratification of the lust of another. To entice or procure a person, by promises, threats, Fraud, or deception to enter any place in which prostitution is practiced for the purpose of prostitution.

Pandering is established when the evidence shows that the accused succeeded in inducing a victim to become an inmate of a house of prostitution. One who solicits for a prostitute is a panderer.

The pandering of obscenity refers to the business of purveying, by some form of advertising, pictorial or graphic material that appeals to the prurient interest of customers or potential customers.



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1) v. to solicit customers for a prostitute. 2) n. a pimp, who procures customers for a prostitute or lures a woman into prostitution, all for his own profit. 3) v. catering to special interests without any principles, such as a politician who says to whatever group he/she is addressing just what they want to hear to win their support, contributions, or favors. (See: prostitute)

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to arrange for prostitution.
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(194) If a child-centered approach is susceptible to a societal construction of children as innocent, it may actually promote more child sex abuse, precisely because abusers are attracted to the (pandered) image of the innocent child.
Had Christoph Metzelder's header been on target when he met a Pander free-kick the England keeper charged out to catch without getting anywhere near, Robinson's face would have been as red as the German shirts.
In medieval romance, he is represented as such a despicable fellow that the word pander is derived from his name.
"We still don't know why he did this at all," Dakota Pander said Tuesday.
"Candidate Trump has gone so far to pander to the gun lobby, he's even invoked gun-toting action movie characters," Meyers said, playing a clip of Trump referencing old movie stars such as Charles Bronson to clarify his affinity for weapons. 
Hathaway and Franco were appointed hosts at the traditionally stuffy ceremony to pander to youth but, with her blackeye make-up, Hathaway looked like she was pandering to pandas.
"You can either confront race hatred or pander to it, as they are doing by having only white faces on their material."
He said: "They pander to very tired archetypes of gay men and are just a continuation of John Inman and Larry Grayson.
Oniscolepis (= Strosipherus) was introduced in the pioneer work of Pander (1856), but still only a few features of this taxon, such as the composition of the exoskeleton of two types of mesomeric elements (or units), tesserae and scales, and the histology of these elements, are known.
"But, in saying that, it is funny that we have to pander to people who get easily upset at the slightest thing."