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To pimp; to cater to the gratification of the lust of another. To entice or procure a person, by promises, threats, Fraud, or deception to enter any place in which prostitution is practiced for the purpose of prostitution.

Pandering is established when the evidence shows that the accused succeeded in inducing a victim to become an inmate of a house of prostitution. One who solicits for a prostitute is a panderer.

The pandering of obscenity refers to the business of purveying, by some form of advertising, pictorial or graphic material that appeals to the prurient interest of customers or potential customers.



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1) v. to solicit customers for a prostitute. 2) n. a pimp, who procures customers for a prostitute or lures a woman into prostitution, all for his own profit. 3) v. catering to special interests without any principles, such as a politician who says to whatever group he/she is addressing just what they want to hear to win their support, contributions, or favors. (See: prostitute)

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to arrange for prostitution.
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The authors term this phenomenon "upward pandering" and note it exists in single-party states with quasi-meritocratic institutions until the point when officials are no longer eligible for promotion.
If the best running mate Trump can find turns out to be a woman or a member of a minority group, the candidate should embrace that person, and oppose any suggestion that the choice is a result of tokenism or pandering. Instead, Manafort signals that the Trump campaign is ready to write off more than half the country's population rather than risk being "viewed as pandering."
Why are they feeding into the sensationalism and pandering? How do you make this funny?
"Palin's pandering to her right-wing base comes at the expense of the security of the State of Israel, the lives of those actually living the conflict, and the fundamental American interest in achieving a two-state solution in the near term," it said.
PROTECT was passed in an effort to cure the deficiencies contained in the CPPA's pandering provision identified by the Court in Free Speech Coalition.
If he was committed to reaching a deal, he would not be pandering to the parties which are certain to oppose a compromise.
The pandering of child pornography--selling, distributing, or conveying the impression that one possesses sexually graphic images of children for sale or distribution--facilitates actual harm to children, such as molestation.
Part II centers on her conditioning pandering theory, which explores the relative degree of policy pandering or policy leadership present in presidential public appeals.
David Anstee, 26, cited Prime Minister Gordon Brown's strong leadership as the main reason for his switch and criticised the Conservatives for "pandering to the right".
This country has existed for 230 years because we have accepted diversity in people and customs, not by pandering to extreme nationalist pressure from the political right.
He's obviously going to run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008, and he's pandering to a radical bunch of militant racists, thinking that most Latinos will vote for him if he promises to give La Raza and their supporters whatever they want, regardless of its harm to America.
My only gripe with Fabulous: Is the film's pandering title, which trivializes its own considerable argument.