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A panegyric to Catholicism, Mike and Grace Aquilina's A History of the Church in 100 Objects surveys the Catholic Church's history through its material culture.
Willie's fifth chapter takes a unique perspective on Restoration comedy by examining how playwrights used the panegyric mode in their dramatic works.
Hug Chickenpenny: The Panegyric of an Anomalous Child
As I was revising my dissertation to turn it into a book, I decided to read again the panegyric works of Esteban Terralla y Landa, author of Lima por dentro y por fuera (1797) arguably one of the most visceral satires written during the colonial period.
1600; the absolute hero: heroic greatness and royal absolutism in Sweden 1689-1715; and the enlightened hero: virtue, magnanimitas, and glory in panegyric poetry on Gustavus III 1771-92.
Goehring focuses on three texts preserved in manuscripts GB and GC from the White Monastery, which he refers to as A Panegyric on Abraham of Farshut, On Abraham of Farshut, and an excerpt from the Panegyric on Manasse that contains a biography of Abraham.
The service to commemorate the begin of the Greek independence struggle, in 1821, was officiated by Archbishop Chrysostomos II of Cyprus, while MEP Costas Mavrides has addressed the panegyric of the Day.
Part II, "The Panegyric Works of Nagonius," is certainly the most engaging and fascinating of the three.
Other pieces collected in The Book of Songs have similar functions and it can be compared to panegyric in English and it is because of this that Wong's, Lo's, and Lam's choice of the panegyric designation in their translation is understandable.
Usually, a prominent member of the neighborhood stands opposite the dancers and recites the "zoumal," a kind of panegyric to good and ethical behavior.
Tzanetou frequently considers the plays with comparison to the funeral oration, an Athenian panegyric genre that includes suppliant narratives within the framework of hegemonic discourse.
Looking retroactively at the old English and Arabic poetry, one may be identified with the fact that a great deal of verse depended upon panegyric elements in order to adapt to the atmosphere of conflict prevailing at the time.