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She was not now very ambitious of my admiration--not eagerly desirous of dazzling me; a little affection--ever so little--pleased her better than all the panegyrics in the world.
"It seems to me," said Franz, speaking in an undertone to Albert, "that if this person merited the high panegyrics of our landlord, he would have conveyed his invitation through another channel, and not permitted it to be brought to us in this unceremonious way.
(14) Moreover, Defoe's panegyric received high-level endorsement in the form of a gift from the Duke of Marlborough's wife, Sarah Churchill.
The result is neither panegyric nor polemic but part complement and counter to David Reynolds's In Command of History: Churchill Fighting and Writing the Second World War [2007].
Gwynne, Paul, Poets and Princes: The Panegyric Poetry of Johannes Michael Nagonius (Courts: Medieval and Renaissance Court Cultures, 1), Turnhout, Brepols, 2012; cloth; pp.
Over many years the editor collected panegyric poems for as well as invectives against Napoleon, from the beginning of his career until decades beyond his death--literary works that have so far been neglected both by historians and philologists.
The poems examined are: the Mu`allaqa by Imru' al-Qays, the Lamiyyat al-`Arab by al-Shanfara, the Mu`allaqa by Labid, three elegies by al-Khansa, a love poem by Jamil, a satire by Jarir, a wine poem by Abu Nuwas, a panegyric by Abu Tamman, a panegyric by al-Mutanabbi, a love poem by Ibn Zaydun, two zajals by Ibn Quzman, a Sufi poem by Ibn al-Farid, and a merchant poem by Baha' al-Din Zuahayr.
Discussing, for example, Carew's frequently read 'A New-yeares gift To the King', McRae remarks of the couplet 'Strew all the pavements, where he treads | With loyall hearts, or Rebells heads': 'If the image of "loyall hearts" trodden under the royal foot seems unnervingly servile, that of "Rebells heads" strikes the reader as menacingly divisive', and then supports his detecting of these undertones with a reference in brackets to their incorporation in a rarely read 'royal panegyric written in 1640, when their violence bore a greater topical resonance' (p.
Toback should be very happy with this panegyric, which will otherwise be of interest mostly to those who know and love Toback.
The publication in English, for the first time, of both volumes of Debord's autobiographical Panegyric (which originally appeared in French in 1989 and 1997, respectively) remains, nonetheless, an event of note.
They focus on the transformation of the two classical genres of biography and panegyric (or encomium), both of which treat "literary works with the lifespan of an individual as their ordering principle" (1).
After the centennial tribute to Richard Rodgers and Isabelle Stevenson's inevitable panegyric to the American Theatre Wing, a repeated commercial for T.D.