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According to the panegyrists, the emperor was the Republic's champion, it was in his care and safekeeping, he was 'born for the good of the Republic', in the wording of his title right up to the fourth century.
She was escorted by her father who was a prayer caller and a panegyrist.
that is, many years before the Council of Nicaea, the speech of the anonymous pagan panegyrist of Trier indicated the divine Mind (divina mens)--yet again the Hermetic Nous--as the source of the emperor's inspiration, (146) and that the victory of Constantine at the battle of the Milvian Bridge against Maxentius is attributed in the inscription on the arch (315 C.
Lyly's plays do flatter Queen Elizabeth by celebrating her rule (though that celebration is often remarkably subtle and understated), but I argue that they do so primarily by advertising the many possible ways in which Lyly was willing and able to serve his queen--as panegyrist, advisor, courtier, censor, or Master of the Revels.
Of these, fifty were hostile to Burke, while among the ten writers who supported him in print was John Gifford, panegyrist of Pitt and editor of the monthly Anti-Jacobin.
Protesting that he was no panegyrist, he strongly supported Theodosius II's policy of mildness to dissenters (vii.
Principally a panegyrist, Ahmed Pasa wrote mainly qasida (odes) and ghazels (lyrics) and is considered the first master of classical poetry in Ottoman literature.
53-7) Claudian, a particularly accomplished panegyrist, undoubtedly had both Lucan and Virgil in mind in his poem on the third consulship of the boy-emperor Honorius, delivered in Milan in A.
Being a jester some of the time is not incompatible with being a serious poet and panegyrist at other times.
However, Cromwell's panegyrist sometimes abandons sobriety and realism in favor of images which may be placed under the label of "sublime":
Al-Akhtal ("The Loquacious") was a favorite panegyrist and friend of the Umayyad caliph Yazid I and his generals Ziyad ibn Abihi and al-Hajjaj.