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The agency's case studies were pored over by a panel of judges made up of the industry's top experts, who rigorously evaluated Mindshare's work to measure the successfulness of their marketing campaigns.
The panel of judges in the case filed a complaint against the photographer, present during the third hearing of the trial concerning the death of Ethem SarysE-lE-k, a Gezi Park protester who was fatally shot by a police officer in Ankara during the protests in June, to the Chief Public Prosecutor's Office on the grounds that image and sound recordings are not permitted in the courtroom.
A COVENTRY electrician sparked the interest of a panel of judges and finished as runner-up in a national search for talented tradesmen.
The panel of judges comes from various backgrounds, each judge offering expert advice on remodeling, design and craftsmanship.
It is mentioned that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki called for the formation of a panel of judges and lawyers / to lift grievances /.
The panel of judges of the military court considered the request of the military prosecutor's office seeking cancellation of the ruling of the military court of Bishkek garrison of 20 December 2011 for former Chairman of the State National Security Committee Murat Sutalinov.
All the categories in the awards, with the exception of nonvoting categories, are adjudicated by a panel of judges in accordance with the defined guidelines.
The GBP10,000 award is made to a debut work of fiction, non-fiction or poetry published in the UK and is judged by members of the public who take part in reading groups, run by Waterstone's bookshops, along with a panel of judges.
More than just a collection of reproductions, "Aphrodisia 2" also provides insights into the working methods and studio life of the panel of judges while showcasing the female form in a myriad of attitudes, forums, and poses.
Nine teams from schools across Tyne & Wear will try to impress a high profile panel of judges as they present their business ideas.
A national panel of judges reviewed more than 1,500 entries for creativity, quality, consumer appeal and overall break-through advertising content.
McPhee performed Stevie Wonder's ``All Is Fair in Love'' on Tuesday, receiving a mixed response from ``Idol's'' panel of judges.