pangs of conscience

See: remorse
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The pity of it all is that, while you are depriving yourself of everything, I keep solacing myself with various amenities-- which is why I am telling you this, that the pangs of conscience may not torment me.
He welcomed wet days because on them he could stay at home without pangs of conscience and spend the afternoon with white of egg and a glue-pot, patching up the Russia leather of some battered quarto.
Now you may revive him," said Jane Porter, for she, too, had been haunted with the pangs of conscience which had resulted from her decision to prevent Clayton from offering succor to their companion.
Now there's a point: it was surely such pangs of conscience which drove Oxbridge graduate David Cameron to settle for a ludicrously high multi-billion year-on-year handout of foreign aid.
He suggested that politicians who took their consciences too seriously were dangerous because it was their job to make sure that the state survived and flourished, not to be morally meticulous or to be burdened by the pangs of conscience.
And yet, Coleridge's poetry, letters, and notebook entries furnish overwhelming evidence that, for him, the pangs of conscience were consummately real, not ghostly, and that what renders his sense of the human at once indelible and precarious is precisely this lifelong wrestling with the real presence and insistent calling of conscience.
Suffering pangs of conscience, the finial phantom returned the piece.
Simon Dutton, as Claudius, carries the gravitas required by the role and hides the fact that Claudius is the villain who murdered and lied while Hamlet carried out his murders openly and suffers the pangs of conscience.
They allow us to try on new selves (Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms) or feel the pangs of conscience (T.
He said that he is tormented by pangs of conscience and is tired to lie.
To All The Girls I've Ever Dumped Before These days it's rare to find some breathing space, We're far too busy with mind-numbing things, I have been trying to forget your face (And, for that matter, several other flings) By washing old regrets and sufferings With the dishes, sweeping under the rug Pangs of conscience from a life's wanderings, So may I give you (as I pull this plug From the keen kitchen sink) a ghostly hug, When you and I ended it wasn't good, But it was no one's fault, not yours, not mine, As for myself, all I can do is shrug And swear I only did the best I could, Given the situation at the time.
DeWitt efficiently, though not altogether convincingly, sketches the sibling dynamic that holds the brothers together through all the bloodshed--and through Eli's pangs of conscience as he contemplates life on the other side of the law.