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I don't think I've ever seen a Hispanic panhandler, and the reason is, in our community it would be shameful to be begging on the street," Cruz said.
Edmonton's Downtown Business Association knows moving panhandlers along may free up the business zone but it doesn't get street people the help they need.
I've been wondering if other parts of our nation are seeing the same spike in the number of panhandlers we're seeing here.
These were no ordinary panhandlers, though; these were Slidell firefighters employing the "boot shake": using their empty boots as receptacles for donations for a cause.
The campaign comes three years after the city passed an anti-panhandling measure and an August incident in which a man was shot to death after arguing with a panhandler, according to the Journal-Constitution.
SAN FRANCISCO - Russell Martin woke up in a downtown hotel on Wednesday with nothing to do all day, except maybe stare out the window at the Golden Gate Bridge or see how many blocks he could walk without being hit up by one of this city's world-class panhandlers.
On a visit to Edmonton to present a paper at an academic conference, a kindly Cree panhandler directed me to a perfectly safe, clean hostel at $20 per night.
Prior to joining Enesco, he was vice president of gift retailer Panhandler Shoppes Limited and held a sales management position for The Coca-Cola Co.
sign from a North American panhandler, the men, women, and children working the filthy byways of Mexico earn your coins by providing you with quality (albeit unrequested) roadside entertainment.
He's a liberal who has been mugged by reality--a familiar New York breed as irritating as the subway car torch singer, the entry-level Ivy Leaguer kiss-ass, and the panhandler with falling trousers.
I had seen a panhandler with this dog many times before.
One can fully appreciate a panhandler's right to say whatever he likes and still dread being approached by a panhandler when walking alone at night.

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