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Caption: New York's iconic Broadway Panhandler is set to close.
Five "donation meters" have been installed in downtown Atlanta in re sponse to aggressive panhandlers who don't take no for an answer.
And anyway, as McManus and other Minneapolis officials know full well, the last thing most panhandlers can handle is making a yearly trip to a government office to get registered and photographed.
Generally, the best "defense" is to ignore the panhandler.
Adams of Broadway Panhandler said she plans to build on what is drawing interest this spring.
Let the panhandlers ride the trains, making the rest of us uncomfortable.
New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton urged New Yorkers this week not to give money to homeless people and panhandlers.
Prior to passing the ordinance, for example, the city formulated an outreach program to help panhandlers gain access to housing, medical services, food and other resources they might need.
In an ABC special I made called Freeloaders, economist Walter Williams aptly noted: "A panhandler is far more moral than corporate welfare queens.
Citizen, enemy, mama's boy, sucker, utter garbage, panhandler, swine, refujew, verrucht; a scalp so often scalded with boiling water that the puny brain feels completely cooked.
NEW YORK - When it moved its neighborhood gourmet store and its two resident cats off lower Broadway and onto Broome Street, Broadway Panhandler gained some much-needed space for merchandising statements but lost the foot traffic inherent to its former location.
His intention, James Benagh said, was to make sure there was one panhandler the less on Port Authority premises.

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