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Most of the money given to panhandlers goes for drugs, alcohol or to support the voluntary vagabond lifestyle the mayor described so well.
He also emphasizes educating the public in the proper way to support people in need--which means not giving money to panhandlers.
All three organizations hope to gather statistics on the success of the project so it can be shared as a template for other cities looking for ways to deal with panhandlers.
Last month, I passed the same panhandler every time I returned from hunting my "secret" pond.
We've all been there--stopped at an intersection with the ever-present panhandler gazing in our car window.
Five "donation meters" have been installed in downtown Atlanta in re sponse to aggressive panhandlers who don't take no for an answer.
food (The polar bear's sign is a takeoff on the WILL WORK FOR FOOD placard used by panhandlers.
The movement has found new impetus in allegations that panhandlers in downtown Toronto killed a person.
SAN FRANCISCO - Russell Martin woke up in a downtown hotel on Wednesday with nothing to do all day, except maybe stare out the window at the Golden Gate Bridge or see how many blocks he could walk without being hit up by one of this city's world-class panhandlers.
This of course puts panhandlers, street youth, low-income shoppers and the disabled outside the margins, and often they are put there by the language professionals use to describe moral conduct, a self-perpetuating language-within-a-language that perpetuates concentration on the dominant groups and the subjugation of the marginal ones.
The city is considering a proposal that would require local panhandlers to obtain government licenses and identification cards before they can beg in public.
Library security guard Bill, 59, who ran Edinburgh's Panhandlers Country and Western Club, died last week from cancer.

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