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While these feelings of panic are instinctive during times of danger, psychologist Professor Robert Edelmann explains that our modern lifestyles have made us more vulnerable to this emotion than ever before.
In some cases, symptoms of a panic attack may be caused by serious medical conditions such as a reaction to medication, epilepsy, asthma, hormone abnormalities, or heart disease.
Summer panic is more prevalent than summer colds, and worst of all it has a sister strain - beach panic.
While panic attacks and panic disorder can significantly affect your quality of life, medications, psychotherapy and relaxation techniques can prevent or control them effectively.
A panic attack is analogous to a burglar alarm which goes off when the window rattles the window panes," said Sakr.
There are various therapies to control these Panic Attacks.
An international review of panic disorder research suggests the average age of onset for PD is 32 years.
Myth 3: There's no treatment for panic attacks Cognitive behavioural therapy has been found to be an effective treatment for panic attacks.
The good news is that panic attacks and anxiousness really are a behavioural pattern which you acquired over time when you are in contact with stressful stimulus.
I've recently been able to contribute to, and edit a piece that explains the nature of panic attacks and how they are triggered, to help other sufferers.
6 Literature has demonstrated that, at times, this disorder is so painful for the patients that they start avoiding situations or activities such as exercise, running, avoiding sitting in sun or any rooms, which might perspire them or produce internal physical arousal similar to the beginnings of a panic attack.