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CBT is an evidenced-based treatment for panic disorder.
Clinical guidelines and evidence review for panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder.
Screening for and detection of depression, panic disorder, and PTSD in public-sector obstetric clinics.
The speed of onset of action of alprazolam-XR compared to alprazolam-CT in panic disorder.
In panic disorder, attacks initially must occur 'out of the blue; meaning no specific object or situation induced the attack
If left untreated, panic attacks or panic disorder may worsen to the point that you're seriously affected by attempts to avoid or conceal them.
1% of those who continuously take benzodiazepine anxiolytic said that they are diagnosed as autonomic nerve imbalance, followed by insomnia, panic disorder, anxiety neurosis and menopause.
Patients with panic disorder were seven times more likely to receive opioids, while patients with depression, dysthymia, or problem drug use were approximately four times more likely to receive opioids.
findings, that "recurrent screening" for depression "may be most productive in patients with past history of depression, unexplained somatic symptoms, and morbid psychological conditions, such as panic disorder or generalized anxiety, substance abuse, or chronic pain.