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Long |Susan (MyAnna Buring) is panicky in case Reid wakes from his coma and reveals the truth about who shot him, while Drake (Jerome Flynn), right, fears for his friend
No wonder voters have greeted their panicky promises to spend, spend, spend with more than a little scepticism.
When her comments were exposed, a panicky Brown started waving her arms in the air in an attempt to slap the mischievous panelist.
But HSBC is acting like one panicky Canadian bank and one panicky Minnesota bank.
The TV channel wonders whether there will be new movement in the process of solving the name issue and reminds of the panicky reaction of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs following the briefing with Macedonian Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki.
RAJESH MISHRA DOHA GOLD sale at Doha jewellery shops has dropped between 30 to 50 percent during the last couple of months as Indian expatriates have gone panicky, courtesy the Indian Government's recent decision to revoke a 50-yearold law that makes a nonresident Indian (NRI) woman taxable if she carries more than 7-8 grams of gold and a man if he carries 3-4 grams of gold only.
Among this series' problem pooches is a terrier with an obsession with skateboards and a panicky pup that's afraid of pianos and corridors.
The Minister was responding to panicky situation in textile industry in the wake of latest APTMA press ads fearing colossal losses due to likely disruption of gas supply ahead.
For now, the panicky reaction coming from the Municipality of Centar shows that the blow is painful and that at the end, the municipal workers will be blamed.
Since in the panicky situation we could not take their contact details, we would like to reach them through your newspaper and express our sincere and great gratitude to both of them and the shop staff.
Carra said: "After the first few games there were questions, but the manager never gets fazed or looks panicky.
Aware of this the North is now in a frenzy of panicky reaction.