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Panoply Books in Lambertville, New Jersey offers offbeat, rare and out-of-print quality used books, textiles, and artwork.
In Seven Sorcerers, Caro King showed her skill and inventiveness in creating a panoply of strange animals and beasts, inhabiting a complex fantasy world.
The tax would have affected theatres, museums, parks and zoos, but not movie theatres and sporting events, and was opposed by a panoply of arts advocates as well as by Actors' Equity.
Today's students are confronted with a panoply of often-frightening illnesses and afflictions--the Biographies of Disease series provides students with the information that they need to understand the origin of various maladies, how they impact contemporary society, and how doctors and researchers from around the world are fighting to devise treatments to alleviate or cure these diseases.
Not only does it make everyone's favourite soft ice cream, but with three built-in condiment dispensers, you can apply a whole panoply of added-value confectionery items.
You regard the illuminated ranks of the passengers as each animated face searches for one last glimpse of a loved one or ones on shore, your own gaze panning the panoply of people packed along the brilliant white railings.
A panoply of luminaries and extras--grave robbers and courtiers, street musicians and aristocrats--populate this grandiose yet melancholy tale.
The inaugural show will feature a panoply of sounds and styles, from the dirty rock riffs of The Satin Dolls to the hypnotic melodies of indie rockers LP45.
Building on the Hebrew Home's existing geriatric services, the Weinberg Center encompasses the panoply of services and care for victims of elder abuse.
An almanac encourages stargazers to look for the changing panoply of astral bodies year-round.
While the intermediate canyon provides contemplative views down into the baggage reclaim hall, the canyons at land and airside are filled with the panoply of vertical circulation.
There is a panoply of restrictions on gambling services justified on public interest grounds but neither governments nor national law courts have properly examined yet whether these curbs are compatible with EU Single Market rules, the report finds.