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Irrespective of the selectivity and arbitrariness in relying on the documents (neglecting those connected with corruption in one of the "defiant" Arab states and the focus on the stance of some "moderate" Arabs, as only example), the heavy reliance by Arab writers and politicians on the information contained in WikiLeaks is selective and lacking, and indicates profoundly the rejection of the panoramic vision that Heikal spoke of.
Add this issue's Garces portrait to that lineup of coverage and the result is a panoramic vision of one remarkable company's quarter-century enterprise.
The new spiral doors will compliment the 57 Hormann loading bays with 1000mm long telescopic lip dock levelers, full panoramic vision panels in the loading bay doors, Hormann's self adjusting dock buffers and another new product to Hormann, the wheel--lock system which locks a vehicle to the bay whilst loading is taking place.
In the first of his seven chapters Charlesworth focuses on the intersection between panoramic vision and architecture in British culture.
In these moments, "Life Is Hot in Cracktown" confuses bluntness with authenticity and vagueness with realism; it doesn't have the true grit or panoramic vision of "The Wire" or the Italian mob drama "Gomorrah" to pull off narrative sloppiness.
Capture of Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, has announced the release of OmniScape, a new ultrawide megapixel camera designed for situations where continuous panoramic vision is required and extra information concerning an alarm event is needed.
From the perspective of the new millennium, this book constitutes "a panoramic vision of what we are and what we have built as Mexicans.
Either Lilian Laslandes or Stephane Guivarc'h, who netted just one Premiership goal for Newcastle before being jettisoned by the Tyneside club, would have frittered away chances created by the panoramic vision of Zinedine Zidane and Youri Djorkaeff.