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39) His conclusion, after revisiting Milton's poem, that both poets represent 'the reality of what exists' but from different sites of observation, suggests a way of reading Milton democratically and panoramically which is not available to the reporters who value the literary over the pictorial.
The main advantage of AirLive FE camera series is the fish-eye lens that allows the camera to see panoramically what is very important for monitoring and recording.
All properties of the development offer breathtaking views of the natural green mangroves, with the impressive Abu Dhabi skyline panoramically framing the background.
So it was with a sense of foreboding that, on that December day nearly 30 years ago, I arrived at a magnificently ramshackle mansion looking panoramically over Long Island Sound and was introduced to the luminary in question.
The frame is historical, novelistic in its ambition to panoramically explore the social totality of one village in personal, social and political detail.
In East Africa he was not able to see panoramically but was forced, instead, to look at the surface.
We should not read fifteenth-century people panoramically, either through a worldly and cynical poet like Villon (who could also write knowingly about religious life) or an exceedingly scrupulous friar like Martin Luther (who could also write pointedly about the world).