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So saying, he pointed to the little goat, who, on seeing Charmolue gesticulating, had, in point of fact, thought it appropriate to do the same, and had seated himself on his haunches, reproducing to the best of his ability, with his forepaws and his bearded head the pathetic pantomine of the king's procurator in the ecclesiastical court.
It was lovely to take some of the families we have supported this year to see the pantomine at the Tyne Theatre in Newcastle.
It's magic - Aladdin, inse of the lamp, six-year-old Be The accompanist was teach et left, helped get a school pantomine under way.
Comedians Cannon and Ball appeared at the New Theatre <B pantomine in 2002
Del Boy - with the dubious assistance of another occasionally dodgy wheeler-dealer Jeremy Clarkson - may have reduced this unique slice of UK motoring heritage to pantomine status, but they deserve a more considered epitaph.
It was a close game in which Nick Abendanon (pictured right) was almost the pantomine villain, giving away a try at one end before conjuring up a brilliant individual score at the other.
Henderson's tunnel bust-up with pantomine villain Diego Costa suggested he was growing as a leader and the Reds went to Stamford Bridge full of hope.
And The Scarlet Pimpernel by Dave Buchanan is Guisborough Parish Pantomine Group's chosen production this year.
SUPER-COOL Central TV presenter Bob Warman finally met his match - when pantomine star Paul Zerdin dragged him on stage at the Hippodrome to be his ventriloquist's dummy.
He added: "John McCririck was considered to have a pantomine style of exaggerated delivery, which was incongruous with the more serious, measured and journalistic style proposed for the programme from 2013.
17) More than a critique of the personalities of individual players, The Actor admonishes that the spectacle of the theatre should 'purge the Passions and reform the mind', advising that stagecraft should conform to realistic parameters: 'More natural Uses to the Stage belong, / Than Tumblers, Monsters, Pantomine, or Song'.