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NUNCIO. The name given to the Pope's ambassador. Nuncios are ordinary or extraordinary; the former are sent upon usual missions, the latter upon special occasions.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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'The Papal Nuncio also welcomes further meetings with PRRD (President Rodrigo R.
Fr Lombardi said: "The Irish authorities have sent to Rome, via the Papal Nuncio, a copy of the Report and asked the Holy See for a response, which it will give in due course after studying it." During the interview he also recalled how last year Pope Benedict had apologised for the pain and suffering of those who had experienced abuse at the hands of priests in Ireland.
With these sentiments, His Holiness entrusts all of you to the intercession of Mary, Mother of the Church, and he willingly imparts his Apostolic Blessing as a pledge of peace and strength in our Lord," the Papal Nuncio said.
He added that if any foreign government conspired with Irish citizens to break the law here, their ambassadors would be expelled and the same standards should apply to the Papal nuncio.
"Ang napagkasunduan namin ni Papal Nuncio, ang simbahan at ang estado parehas pong naninilbihan sa taumbahan, so mas mabuti po kung makikipag-ugnayan ng mas mapabuti pa ang paninilbihan natin sa taumbayan ["The Papal Nuncio and I agreed that the Church and the state serve the public so it's better to cooperate to enhance the service to the public]," he said.
The reception was also attended by scores of political, diplomatic, economic and media dignitaries, notably Ambassadors of France, Turkey, Italy, China and Sultanate of Oman, Papal Nuncio, and National News Agency (NNA) Director, Mrs.
A letter written on Pope Benedict's behalf by Archbishop Pietro Sambi, the papal nuncio to the United States, asks that Wilson be spared because of questions about his mental status.
I await the action of the papal nuncio. Will he rebuke the bishop or just shove it under the rug?
Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque made the statement following his meeting with Papal Nuncio Gabriel Giordano Caccia Friday evening.
Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, the archbishop of Manila, and the new papal nuncio, Archbishop Gabriele Caccia, opened the exhibit inside the cathedral's smaller chapels on Friday to mark the beginning of the yearlong celebration of the church's 60th postwar anniversary in 2018.
The Patriarch spoke during his inauguration to the Holy Synod of the Syriac Orthodox Church, at Our Lady of Deliverance Church - Harissa, in presence of the Papal Nuncio Gabriele Caccia and other religious and concerned figures.
Archbishop Joseph E Kurtz of Louisville presented Governor Steve Beshear with a letter written on Pope Benedict XVI's behalf by Archbishop Pietro Sambi, the papal nuncio to the United States.