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A document that is filed or introduced in evidence in a lawsuit, as in the phrases papers in the case and papers on appeal.

Any written or printed statement, including letters, memoranda, legal or business documents, and books of account, in the context of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which protects the people from unreasonable searches and seizures with respect to their "papers" as well as their persons and houses.

In the context of accommodation paper and Commercial Paper, a written or printed evidence of debt.

See: blank, certificate, document, form, instrument, pandect
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The IT department plays an integral role in transforming a claims department to a paperless business operation because it ultimately interacts with other business units, such as human resources or accounting.
Hobbie continues, "My initial reason for buying ImageRight was not to be paperless -- it was for the management control.
1) A shadow consortium of paper-manufacturing giants is secretly buying patents on any invention that threatens to implement the paperless office.
Since the suggested paperless system would automatically extend all returns, it would have the same effect on elections that the existing paper system has when:
The paperless office project affectionately referred to as "POP" by the tax department) is an undertaking that seeks to efficiently manage the document filing and retrieval process.
Finance companies have been the first corporate issuers to embrace paperless debt because they are the most prolific issuers and the fastest to pick up on new ideas.
Ticketmaster's Paperless Ticket[TM] delivery system has successfully enabled more than one million fans to seamlessly purchase tickets and attend live events.
The post Smart Dubai extends Paperless Finance drive appeared first on Tahawul Tech.
It's best to encourage their subscribers through incentives or promotions to allow them to be in this paperless billing system.
At the heart of the campaign is the Paperless Day website, where participants can register their intent to take part in Paperless Day 2011, gain tips for paper reduction through a variety of toolkits, and also add in their paper savings (which are automatically translated into savings of carbon dioxide, a Greenhouse gas contributing to climate change).
Allegedly, each of the plaintiffs were employed by TempWorks Software, a sister company of Paperless Staffing, prior to 2006.
Participants in Advectis' third annual Path to Paperless survey identified the primary benefits of paperless processing as: decreased processing cost per loan, the decreased turnaround and processing time per loan, a reduction in costs, and better service.