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If you ask which is the best of these second-class papers they say there is no difference; one is as good as another.
And as you've heard a good deal mentioned regarding a celebrated Chancery will case of the same name, and as you know what a card Krook was for buying all manner of old pieces of furniter, and books, and papers, and what not, and never liking to part with 'em, and always a-going to teach himself to read, you begin to think-- and you never was more correct in your born days--'Ecod, if I don't look about me, I may get into trouble regarding this will.
But why should papers of political import be intrusted to Van Baerle, who not only was, but also boasted of being, an entire stranger to the science of government, which, in his opinion, was more occult than alchemy itself?
My brother felt no anxiety about us, as he knew from the description in the papers that the cylinder was a good two miles from my house.
Well, follow me out, and ye'll, I'll see that I'll have to get a paper out against ye mysel'; have to offer a reward for ye; ay, will I
All that is here in Spanish is what the Moorish paper contains, and you must bear in mind that when it says 'Lela Marien' it means 'Our Lady the Virgin Mary.
Put the papers on the sundial,' I read, peeping over his shoulder.
For an instant I imagined that Bannister had taken the unpardonable liberty of examining my papers.
Of course, I began to suspect how it was, then; and I don't want his word for it now to understand how he gets his knowledge from my papers, and your paper, and my brother's cognac and tobacco talk (I wish he'd had to gag himself).
Father Brown read the words three times before he put down the paper.
Dur- ing the winter he read to her all of the odds and ends of thoughts he had scribbled on the bits of paper.
One thing, however, was certain: I was missed, and the Batterburys were naturally anxious about me--anxious enough to advertise in the public papers.