Face Value

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Face Value

A readily ascertainable amount of money determinable from the words of a written instrument alone without the aid of any other source.

The face value of an instrument such as a financial document is only the amount shown on it, without the inclusion of interest or fees customarily added or reference to its actual market value.

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face value

n. in shares of stock, the original cost of the stock shown on the certificate, or "par value."

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" Thus, investors receive inflationadjusted interest payments periodically and also inflation- adjusted principal repayments at the time of redemption or its original par value, whichever is higher," the committee said in its report released on Friday for public feedback.
Further, at date T - 1 the price will equal the par value if and only if y = r:
The performing notes have a combined par value of $43 million and are current on all their mortgage obligations.
X pays A by giving him 1,000 shares of X, with a $/0 par value. X would be allowed a $1,000 deduction if the services are not otherwise capitalizable under the Code (e.g., they do not relate to an acquisition).
Morgan Keegan managed or co-managed 388 offerings with a par value of $8.74 billion, earning a 44 percent market share in the south-central region of Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee.
Group., said Tuesday it will on June 7 redeem Nikko money management funds (MMFs) that have fallen below par value due to the failure of Enron Corp.
A corporate entity organized under Alabama law must pay a tax of 1% of the par value of company stock.
The Court noted that "Alabama law gives domestic corporations the ability to reduce their franchise tax simply by reducing the par value of their stock, while it denies foreign corporations that same ability." Because of the difference in the tax rates, the law facially discriminates against foreign corporations, the Court held.
B exp (-rt) is the present value of the promised payment, B; b is the par value of the bond.
Finally, an investor who pays more than par value for an ARM may find himself or herself in a pickle if interest rates decline significantly.
The Articles formally permitted adjustment of a currency's par value only if the country's balance of payments was in "fundamental disequilibrium." This was an imprecise concept, but it came to mean that exchange rates would be adjusted only as a last resort and only in conjunction with other policies to redress the disequilibrium.
The board of directors of Fortive Corporation (NYSE:FTV) on Thursday declared a regular quarterly cash dividend of USD0.07 per share of its common stock, par value USD0.01 per share.