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CELL. A small room in a prison. See Dungeon.

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In our control samples, the normal basal and parabasal cells of the cervical epithelium were PR-negative throughout the menstrual cycle, and only a weak and focal PR expression was observed in the parabasal cells during the luteal phase.
The expression score of MMP-2 and TIMP-2 in each of the 10 cases of leukoplakia with mild dysplasia (Figures 1(e) and 1(f)), moderate dysplasia (Figures 1(g) and 1(h)), and severe dysplasia (Figures 1(i) and 1(j)) in the basal and the parabasal cells of the epithelium and in the fibroblasts of the lamina propria is shown in Table 2.
In the presence of adequate estrogenic stimulation, there are approximately 15% or more superficial cells and less than 5% parabasal cells. Conversely, in estrogen-deficient states, there are typically less than 5% superficial cells, and there are more than 30% parabasal cells.
The higher dose of DHEA also produced histological improvements (a 45.8% decrease in the mean percentage of parabasal cells [p < 0.0001] and a 4.7% increase in the percentage of superficial cells [p < 0.0001]) and decreased mean vaginal pH by 0.83 units (p < 0.0001).
The HSILs in the adjacent mucosa (Figure 2, B; and closed arrow) and the 14 HSILs included as the control group demonstrated extensive and strong reactivity in the entire layers or in the basal and parabasal cells layers.
(19) In addition, estrogen can improve the vaginal maturation index through a higher ratio of superficial cells to parabasal cells. However, there are potential local and systemic side effects of vaginal estrogen therapy, including breast pain/tenderness, headache, hair loss, mild nausea or vomiting, spotting or breakthrough bleeding, stomach cramps or bloating, increased vaginal discharge, and/or vaginal yeast infection.
After 2 weeks, all 3 doses of DHEA induced a decrease in the percentage of parabasal cells (indicating histologic improvement in vaginal atrophy), a significant reduction in vaginal pH, and a significant improvement in the most bothersome vaginal symptom (e.g., dryness, irritation/itching, or pain during sexual activity).
b) It reduces the percentage of parabasal cells and superficial cells d) Itching is the most commonly reported adverse event
All 4 coprimary objectives measured improved with treatment compared with mean baseline levels: percentage of parabasal cells in treated participants decreased by 27.7% over placebo (P<.0001); percentage of superficial cells increased by 8.44% over placebo (P<.0001); vaginal pH decreased by 0.66 pH unit over placebo (P<.0001); and pain with sexual activity decreased by 1.42 severity score unit from baseline or 0.36 unit over placebo (P=.0002).
There were 4 co-primary end points: percentage of superficial cells on the vaginal smear, percentage of parabasal cells on the vaginal smear, vaginal pH, and self-assessed MBS using a Likert scale (0, none; 1, mild; 2, moderate; 3, severe).
Wada et al (12) localized hTERT protein in multifocal VIN and reported on hTERT nuclear staining in HG-VIN correlating with squamous maturation and the degree of nuclear atypia; normal mucosa revealed faint nuclear staining of parabasal cells and lower intermediate layer squamous cells.