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In his article 'The New Paradigm in Architecture', he gives us more of the same; there is a new paradigm somewhere, obviously not with the Bush Junta, and there are a series of new buildings that look to him 'different', hence there must be a new paradigm in architecture.
Social scientists, for example, use the word paradigm loosely to describe competing theories, although often there is no sign of revolutionary change, or of mutual exclusivity or incommensurability.
In "The New Business of Paradigms," futurist Joel Barker presents a video training product that clarifies the importance of recognizing paradigm shifts in our business and professional lives.
A New Paradigm leader might ask Powell to run the jobs program, he says, but "if Powell were engaged in something even bigger," why General Schwarzkopf would do just fine.
The paradigm is a filter through which we view our competitive world," he said.
O'Connor joined Paradigm Medical in 2004 as Regional Sales Representative, and has been serving as International Manager for Europe and the Middle East.
Paradigm Medical reported it will also be launching domestically several other sophisticated ultrasound devices and instruments at AAO, some of which have been developed via its agreement with MEDA Corp.
Paradigm Medical expects to be manufacturing its products at both its facility in Salt Lake City and in Tianjin.
0, Paradigm Solutions delivers a total integrated enterprise resiliency program that incorporates assessment, planning, recovery and notification.
International distributor agreements are being reviewed and new distributors are eager to market Paradigm Medical's products in countries where there has been limited or no product distribution in the recent past.
Jakovac, President and Chief Operating Officer of Paradigm, commented on the contract award, "Paradigm's goal is to be the preeminent provider of mission critical information technology solutions to government and industry; we are committed to excellence and client satisfaction.
One Paradigm Solutions client has found that having a robust and flexible business continuity plan is "mission-critical" to business survival.