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One of the major steps forward, for orthographically challenged writers like me, has been automatic spell-checkers and thesauri--with one click the computer text opens a vertical dimension from which I can select the item I am seeking (granted, the dimension can be technically horizontal in Chinese, yet paradigmatic nevertheless).
While the term paradigmatic analysis is not common in the undergraduate theory classroom, the insights it produces through identifying repetitions illuminates temporal form as well as the atemporal logic of the piece.
This shift in foci causes underlying paradigmatic assumptions to also be different.
For Hogue, to be characterized as a victim of racial oppression is to be defined negatively by "someone else's discourse," a discourse that is governed by the interests "of a single paradigmatic perspective in which white, middle-class America is seen as the unique source of meaning, as the US center of gravity, and as the ontological 'reality' for the rest of the country.
Few wondered why the industry likes to keep it black, why today's paradigmatic MC is nine-bullet-ridden 50 Cent (instead of, say, metaphysics-kicking KRS-ONE) or how instinctively labeling non-black rappers weird novelties belied their growing conviction that hip-hop was everywhere.
In all of these areas, the paradigmatic axis is found to generate similarity effects whereas the syntagmatic axis gives rise to both similarity and contrast.
does mention the paradigmatic function of Christ's suffering, but a fuller discussion of its theological and pastoral function would have been welcome.
Tos (who helped the parish become a paradigmatic expression of Vatican II principals and sponsored a superb series of millennium lectures that attracted Raymond Brown, Michael Novak, Avery Dulles, Cardinal Martini, and Mary Gordon, among others).
In Gournay's case her passion for alchemy seems paradigmatic of her will to dominate and test--in her life as well as in her literary inquiries--the supposed limits of nature itself.
Stukenbrock adroitly portrays the moment when the corpse arrived to be anatomized as almost paradigmatic (rather like an anatomical cockfight) where the many agencies and interest groups involved--magistrates, legal codes, university administrations, medical professors, eager students, poor relief agencies, clergymen, and, of course, the people who became anatomical raw materials--came together.
His actions set him apart; according to Ched Myers in Binding the Strong Man, the account "is well known as a paradigmatic story of discipleship.
Most important, it is to be a faithful believer in what is clearly a post-Christian age, for Christians are now the paradigmatic reactionaries.