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On the paradigmatic dimension of morphological creativity.
We based our study on the original work of Beus and Dunlap (1991), who developed the Alternative-Conventional Agricultural Paradigm (ACAP) scale to measure paradigmatic views towards agriculture.
One of the major steps forward, for orthographically challenged writers like me, has been automatic spell-checkers and thesauri--with one click the computer text opens a vertical dimension from which I can select the item I am seeking (granted, the dimension can be technically horizontal in Chinese, yet paradigmatic nevertheless).
This returns us to our initial point about the consequentially of 'I do' as the paradigmatic speech act.
The paradigmatic reading here is of Neil Jordan's Michael Collins (1996).
As I just mentioned earlier, we can distinguish between paradigmatic and non-paradigmatic sciences, and in the case of the former we can distinguish between revolutionary and normal paradigmatic scientists.
According to the criterion Wolter presented, You has showed three paradigmatic responses: one super-ordinates (car--vehicle), two synonymy (table--desk) and (quickly--fast), one clang/phonological response: work--walk, and one syntagmatic response: green--plant (The plant is usually green).
This case is a paradigmatic example of one that should be dismissed on state secrets grounds," the government argues in its brief.
A framework based on four paradigmatic questions is developed.
The coronaviruses of carnivores provide a paradigmatic model of how coronaviruses cross the species barriers, adapt to new host species, and change their pathogenicity.
LaVaughn's routine "Artistry in Taps" is the paradigmatic representation of the "Philadelphia style" of the 1940s and '50s.