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As a result, one and the same construction can have an 'adjectival' character while at the same time constitute a good example of verbal periphrasis: comparing for example [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] with present and perfect participle (as used in adjectival periphrasis), it becomes clear that while both score low on the parameter of conceptual integration (with the perfect participle arguably the lowest), the latter is much more often syntactically contiguous (72% of the cases versus 36% with the present participle), next to the fact that it is paradigmatically integrated, that is, filling a gap in the paradigm (see footnote 21).
While metaphysics and the philosophy of mind are not directly normative in subject-matter, it's arguable that many paradigmatically normative concepts involve presuppositions about volition and mind that are of interest to both disciplines.
Threats paradigmatically involve two parties: those who make threats and those to whom the threats are directed.
We have pointed out the fact that the imperative marking in questions does not seem to be syntagmatically or paradigmatically restricted.
Mohan asserts that the implications of this formulation paradigmatically shift the focus of discourse in the social sciences.
It is paradigmatically experimental, so unless you're familiar with the experimental canon, it may baffle you.
This is a paradigmatically tragic situation, according to the analysis of Greek tragedy that Benjamin proposes in the first section of his Origin of the German Mourning Play, as he seeks to overcome what he describes as the "abyss of aestheticism" to which Nietzsche's Birth of Tragedy succumbs: the actions of tragic heroes are infinitely more articulate than their words, which tend toward stony silence, especially in the case of Aeschylus.
We find that, in the age of electronic language technologies, texts are increasingly used paradigmatically.
To some degree, this diminishment can be blamed on two things: first, the unending abortion wars, and second, the view that the relationship between a woman and fetus is paradigmatically adversarial, with the latter requiring protection from the former.
Interpretation is "the activity of determining the linguistic meaning--or semantic content--of a legal text"; Construction is "the activity of translating the semantic content of a legal text into legal rules, paradigmatically in cases where the meaning of the text is vague.
The US regime of legal pluralism thus reveals paradigmatically the uneven status of Western law and indigenous justice.