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The penultimate stanza once again evokes the idyllic, prelapsarian world to describe Nun Appleton as paradisiacal space: "You, heaven's centre, Nature's lap, / And Paradise's only map" (767-68).
Far from its present fallenness, the earth would be renewed and receive its paradisiacal glory.
Carolyn Carter from the US Virgin Islands took her time to explore paradisiacal Palawan.
In recent years, Vega--working with ruthless irony--has retraced a particular paradisiacal mythology that emerged during South America's colonization.
Campbell establishes links to Brendan's encounter with neutral angels who brought the Grail to Earth and his travels to the paradisiacal isles of the Hesperides and Avalon--all places and events that need not be factual but should rather be regarded as mythologized accounts of existing Celtic journeys of the period.
Supriya Nair's Pathologies of Paradise sets out to explore, as its title suggests, two seemingly oppositional but close bedfellows within Caribbean writing--the pathological and the paradisiacal.
And Chapter 6 shows how, in the fourth voyage, three conflicting infernal and paradisiacal serpent toponyms invented amidst a river of indigenous onomastics suggest the way that the physically challenging reality of the Amazon basin produced vacillation in Columbus's mind about the destination at which he had arrived and fear of the proximity of Hell.
Aside from Kowas's 17,000 acres of game-fenced private property--owner Danie Strauss spent over half a decade clearing out every indication of human use and turned it into a paradisiacal chunk of Old Africa--the operation has the hunting rights to 420.
While popular media and the multi-billion dollar surfing industry have rendered surfing a paradisiacal pastime leisurely pursued amid palm trees and friendly locals in idyllic locations, waveriding has always been a complex social practice transcendent of its ludic reputation.
Pacheco-Delahaye E, Maldonado R, Perez E and M Schroeder Production and characterization of unripe plantain (Musa paradisiacal L.
I came away feeling better than I had in a very long time, and when I look back at my photos from that trip, everything seems suffused with a paradisiacal glow, (vieques.