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Tom Underwood, President of Paragon Solutions states, Third Millenniums development organization has an excellent reputation for developing technology-based solutions to improve the financial performance of healthcare organizations.
We're excited to partner with Integrail and to combine our healthcare domain knowledge with our software development expertise," says Tom Underwood, President of Paragon Solutions.
With Novient, we now operate in a collaborative project environment, enabling us to work more efficiently with virtual teams in globally disparate software centers," said Vijay Raghavan, chief technology officer, Paragon Solutions.
Paragon combines Novient's SPO application, Novient eServices(TM), with Novient's peer-to-peer collaboration infrastructure, Novient iServerNet(TM), to enable the real-time, worldwide collaboration of people, projects, knowledge, and process throughout Paragon's entire virtual service community.
Tom Underwood, President of Paragon Solutions states, "We are pleased to create an ongoing relationship with a customer like Steelcase.
Working with offshore development firms such as Paragon that provide a wealth of experienced technical resources enables us to manage several projects concurrently, which in turn helps us to be responsive and competitive in the market.
We're excited to partner with NCS Pearson, and to provide ongoing maintenance and support of their market leading application," says Tom Underwood, President of Paragon Solutions.
His diverse skill set and management experience provide a valued knowledge base for Paragon.
He joined DSQ as a Senior Manager and was the Vice President and General Manager of the CAD Strategic Business Unit before joining Paragon.
Acceptance into this program facilitates our ability to bring individuals to the United States in a timely manner," says Tom Underwood, president of Paragon Solutions.
We have had a successful, ongoing relationship with Paragon.