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2:00 pm-5:30 pm Parallel Session XXII: Production Technology 2
Achieving the power of parallel in the business environment requires constantly seeking to bring in line the interests of the customers with the interests of the company.
Parallel SCSI transmits data as a series of parallel bits, thus any skew between the first and last transmission disrupts that parallel relationship.
New discoveries obtained from an experiment or a computational model are enhanced and accelerated by the use of parallel computing techniques, visualization algorithms, and advanced visualization hardware.
Oracle Parallel Server on Linux is currently in beta testing with expected production availability by the end of 2000.
In New York City, Parallel closed a loan in the amount of $3 million for 43 West 47th Street, an office property Written for a term of 10 years with a 25-year amortization, the loan delivers debt service coverage of 1.
On the other hand, high-level parallel languages abstract from architectural issues but deliver unpredictable performance on different architectures.
The bottom line is that CEOs do not give a whit about technical jargon such as parallel processing and client/server.
Montry have broken through this barrier by carefully crafting computer algorithms designed to get the most out of a parallel processing machine.
Development of the ATA/ATAPI-7 specification, an update of the parallel bus architecture that provides up to 133MB/sec, is currently being finalized (see www.
In the multi-family sector, Parallel closed a $520,000 loan for Barclay Arms Apartments in Saugerties, NY.
With the help of the Parallel Transaction Servers, we have improved our computer systems' availability by 25 percent, reduced claims processing-associated costs, and protected our investment in our existing software and hardware," Lippard says.

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