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April 30 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- NVIDIA Corporation has announced that it is a founding member of Stanford University's new Pervasive Parallelism Lab (PPL).
LogicTouch[TM] is a MEMS-based fine pitch vertical probe card targeted at advanced mixed signal and logic devices such as microprocessors, digital signal processors and system-on-Chip (SOC) ICs that demand high parallelism testing and device adjacent pad pitch of 60 microns and below.
Those OpenMP-enabled tools, in turn, have been used to create new parallel applications that take maximum advantage of multiprocessing hardware, and to add parallelism to a broad range of existing applications.
Stanford and many of the biggest companies in computing will announce Friday, May 2, a joint effort to address a major missed opportunity in information technology: the dearth of software that can harness the parallelism of the multiple processors that are being built into virtually every new computer.
Rigid, four tie rod design is said to assure minimal deflection and easy parallelism adjustment.
Even without tiebars, clamp parallelism stays within 0.
today announced a joint project to make Myrias' unique parallelism enabling technology -- Parallel Application Management System (PAMS) -- available on HALstations(TM) running SPARC64/OS(TM).
The key problem has been that writing software to take full advantage of the increased processing power offered by parallelism has always been time-consuming and difficult," said Will Strauss, president of the market research firm Forward Concepts.
Platen parallelism and deflection: Brian Bishop, sales manager at HPM, notes that big parts like bumper fascias, which need high clamping forces, could cause some deflection in a two-platen setup because the clamping forces are applied at the corners and not in the middle.
This programming environment will be the first to embrace the full set of emerging MPP programming standards, including data parallelism, control parallelism, and message-passing.
The Harmony XP probe card is specifically designed to address the demanding technical challenges of these devices, enabling DRAM manufacturers' roadmap requirements for higher pin counts, reduced pad and pitch sizes, higher frequency and higher parallelism testing.
Both lines of presses feature a double balanced yoke mechanism to assure parallelism between head and bed, self-lubricating bushings, PLC control, and more.