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Maintaining parallelism (also called parallel structure and parallel construction) is about meeting the reader's expectations, making your meaning clear, and creating smooth and pleasing rhythms in your sentences.
Even though the poetic-prose language style has been commonly received as an important aspect in Woolf studies, the studies focusing on parallelism and its relation to Woolfian poeticness, as far as we can see, are far from adequate.
Over the next three to five years, hybrid CPU/co-processor-based systems seem to be the platform of choice for many organizations, because they provide the greatest amount of performance, parallelism and flexibility within a desired cost and power envelope.
Key words: parallelism, radix sort, CUDA, algorithms, shared memory
Parallelism is an important device in isiXhosa poetry, as poets often use it as a formal feature that also emphasises some ideas in their poetry.
The three periapical radiographic techniques were: Parallelism (GP), Parallelism with a variation of 20[degrees] horizontal angulation mesially (GM) and Parallelism with a variation of the mesio-vertical angle of 25[degrees] and 15[degrees] respectively (GMV).
One reliable way to reduce COT for high-volume production is to increase the parallelism of the tester.
Flatness is a feature compared to itself, while parallelism requires that a feature be compared to a datum.
One new tactic being taken is to implement multiple servers (usually between 3 to 10) in order to improve performance and scalability, with the goal of introducing parallelism into the NAS file-serving process by having lots of CPUs working together on the problem.
The elements of parallelism and its use in argument were first illustrated by Aristotle.
Parallelism is a well-recognized norm in English sentences; Dr.