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Some programs have inherent concurrency, which is easy to parallelize like some loops having different variables to operate upon; while, in some programs we can create concurrency, such as matrix operations; but some programs cannot be parallelized, such as the program to find Fibonacci series (Wittwer 2006).
He notes that one large retailer is interested in taking advantage of the external scripting capability to parallelize product forecasting across hundreds of thousands of products; other potential use cases include risk analytics.
Researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) are accomplishing high-throughput analysis of unstructured data with parallel KD algorithms using an approach that allows users to use familiar desktop tools to do their analyses and then to automatically parallelize the code to run on HPCs.
Groom noted that data scientists can design R jobs as they normally would, using the Kognitio Analytical Platform to parallelize and run thousands of jobs quickly from a single query.
AFRL's researchers used Star-P (Figure 2) to parallelize their MATLAB codes to run on parallel servers.
Oracle Database Backup Service enables customers to parallelize and compress backup data transfers to help maximize performance and includes client-side encryption to provide end-to-end data security.
CLC bio's command-line tool, CLC Bioinformatics Cell, uses the Single Instruction, Multiple Data (SIMD) technology to parallelize and thereby accelerate bioinformatics algorithms - like Hmmpfam, Hmmsearch, ClustalW, and Smith-Waterman - on Intel and AMD computer processors.
This often requires manual intervention by the application developers to specify what is ~safe~ to parallelize and/or how much parallelization is ~profitable~.
With FastXML's unique patent-pending technology for generating custom streaming parsers based on visual annotation of XML schema with processing logic in Java and GridGain's ability to parallelize processing logic on the cloud our customers can employ one of a kind capability of processing massive XML payloads in near real-time - something that was practically impossible just few years agoO"
Oak Ridge National Labs seeks to parallelize popular desktop computing applications to run on high performance computers