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The first variant of the parallelize method assumed the class to be public, whereas the second variant supported parallelization for non-public classes as well.
After having computed the value of the variable z, one can parallelize the computation of x and y.
This study aims to parallelize the Quick Search exact string matching algorithm.
Note that in order for the weighted model counting approach to be easy to parallelize two things must be the case.
7) Primary inhibitors to parallelism are loops, which usually the most common target of parallelization effort, so the first loop dependency should be analysed and then tried to parallelize that, if possible;
In the modified MT-SEP, we make groups of syntax elements, where each group contains 4 syntax elements, and we parallelize the entropy decoding when two bins in one syntax element group are independent.
The company has a newly formed data science group exploring the potential for supporting queries written in the likes of Perl, Python or Java, as well as SAS." He notes that one large retailer is interested in taking advantage of the external scripting capability to parallelize product forecasting across hundreds of thousands of products; other potential use cases include risk analytics.
There are two fundamental ways to parallelize data: through fork/join configurations or through loop distribution.
Fortunately, new programming models have emerged that allow knowledge discovery users to explore massive, unstructured datasets using their familiar desktop tools, and then to automatically parallelize the code to run on HPCs.
In the following we propose a different approach to parallelize the SAT data structure.
"If you parallelize (code) once, it should run on a variety of hardware," he noted.
This makes it difficult to parallelize or integrate many SET devices, since one does not know a priori whether a given gate voltage turns the device on or off.