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But before following up on the paralogical component of the humanities, I would like to explore briefly the options open to the humanities since the 1970s, the advent of so-called postmodernism.
This metaphoric displacement of the judiciary into academic brings some teleological order into the hodge-podge of the fictional plane -- a jumble of unrelated events and arbitrary characters, stories, songs, encyclopedic facts, historical and scientific, paralogical arguments -- fictional fragments resisting integration into a viable narrative In the course of undergoing torment under Pooka's tutelage Trellis encounters his three characters, Furriskey, Shanahan and Lamont, who now play in Orlick's novel devising special tortures for him and conspiring how to dispose of him.
He "gave himself over to trafficking in formulae, to binding and unbinding natural laws, to weaving and tailoring theories, to slicing and shaping apologias, maxims, balderdash, paralogical propositions, tralalas of all sizes.
Spivak criticizes the 'translatese' which makes something by a woman in Palestine sound like something by a man in Taiwan and refers dismissively at one point to 'psychoanalytic patter', but her own register of foregrounding, interpellation, imbricated, inscribing, paleonymy, ideological cusp of displacement, aporetic quality, cognitive mapping, deconstructive awareness, paralogical legitimation, morphogenetic innovation, discursive formation, hegemony, coding, is surely a patter arising from what Bourdieu might have called the habitus of femina academica.
16) Albo, however, is displeased with this rationale, pointing out that the Torah commands the affirmation of metaphysical and paralogical concepts like the incorporeality of God or the negation of anthropomorphism, abstract ideas which are no less comprehensible to the average man than spiritual rewards and punishments in the world-to-come.
Far from a discursive emollient for weakness and suffering, the Longinian sublime is a description of techniques of usurpation that perpetually overflows into paralogical performance.
Coming to terms with the contemporary American short story and articulating new reading strategies adequate to it will, I think, involve a shift from teleological and metaphoric modes of understanding to paralogical and metonymic ones.
Part Two associates the postmodern concept of rhythmic time with paralogical, "Multilevel Thinking.
The EEG tends toward synchronization and alpha frequencies, and psychological attributes are diffuse attending, paralogical thought processes, and decreased boundary perception.
Openness and dynamism, especially, teach us to see reality not only from different points of view but also in its constant changing and in its partly paralogical and antinomous state.
This thoroughly eclectic body of work not only withstands but depends on the paralogical skepticism that (as Hal Foster noted in the symposium accompanying the exhibition) is made manifest on the cover of the exhibition catalogue: immediately below the show's title, "Thought Made Visible," appears a reproduction of Bochner's Language is Not Transparent, 1970.
At the same time, it offers the symbolic possibility of the emergence of a reinvented, paralogical, heterogeneous "family," based on affinity and multiplicity rather than fixed identity.