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In the conclusion, Dyck argues that this new interpretation does not put Leibniz or Descartes outside of the scope of the main line of criticism in the Paralogisms.
The Divorce of Reason and Experience: Kant's Paralogisms of Pure Reason in Context, COREY W.
As we know from the Critique of Pure Reason, in particular the Refutation of Idealism and the Paralogisms, he regards substance dualism as untenable.
It proceeds in two steps: The Paralogisms of Rational Psychology prove that we cannot make any legitimate causal judgments about merely temporal objects or events, while the Analogies of Experience prove that we can make legitimate causal judgments only about spatio-temporal substances.
My chief aim is to assess the extent to which Fichte was able to deal successfully with Kant's dualism of the cognitive powers without transgressing the cognitive boundaries specified in the Kritik der reinen Vernunft, that is, without falling victim to the fallacies of rational psychology exposed by Kant in the Paralogisms of Pure Reason.
The reading is compatible with Kant's claim in the Paralogisms that we cannot know what the "I" consists in metaphysically.
The reader of the quotations from the lecture notes will be startled; it is as if one were reading the paralogisms positively signed.