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The patient's recurrent nausea and vomiting led to a diagnosis of pancreatitis and recurrent paralytic ileus.
Complications of untreated infection in immunocompetent patients most commonly include paralytic ileus, a malabsorptive syndrome, nephrotic syndrome, and low birth weight.
Low-grade perioperative complications, including paralytic ileus and urinary leak, were higher with RAP and likely associated with the intraperitoneal nature of the approach and the early experience of the surgeon.
Paralytic ileus was noted in 12 patients--three patients with Grade III and nine patients with Grade IV severity--and all received magnesium infusion.
Question: A patient developed postoperative paralytic ileus with intractable vomiting.
On day 12, he had sudden deterioration, with recurrence of fever, chills, and rigors, severe paralytic ileus, and systemic hypotension requiring mechanical ventilation and inotropic support.
The early signs and symptoms-including abdominal distention, nausea, pain, and constipation-can be difficult to differentiate from paralytic ileus, according to Dr.
Post operative recovery was complicated by a paralytic ileus and persistent right basal consolidation and effusion.
Bowel complications, and particularly paralytic ileus, are among the most common problems following radical cystectomy.