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Alvimopan for prevention of postoperative paralytic ileus in radical cystectomy patients: A cost-effectiveness analysis.
On the sixth day after appendectomy and failure of conservative management, we started to doubt that this was caused by paralytic ileus, and decided to take the patient to the operating room for an explorative laparotomy to find and treat the cause of the obstruction.
The bowel becomes silent as peristalsis stops and paralytic ileus develops (Kinney, Dunbar, Brooks-Brunn, & Vitello-Cicciu, 1998).
A common complication of abdominal surgery, postoperative paralytic ileus, is also reduced.
Any patient who has or is suspected of having paralytic ileus
Material and Methods: A total of 120 patients with acute mechanical intestinal obstruction who underwent laparotomy were included in our study while those with non-mechanical intestinal obstruction like history of trauma and paralytic ileus were excluded from the study.
Reduction of paralytic ileus is a key component of fast track surgery.
She was continued on postoperative antibiotics and apart from a short period of paralytic ileus, she progressed well.
Phoebus had an enquiring mind, some of his interests, including the medical acute abdomen and paralytic ileus, leading to articles in American publications.
Their age, parity, duration of pregnancy, diagnosis, mode of delivery, cause of PPH, need of additional hysterectomy, number of blood transfused, recorded and complications noted were injury to iliac veins, postoperative development of fever, wound infec-tion thrombophlebitis, paralytic ileus and ischemic complication and maternal death.