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Is Bose just having some fun with us, making is paralytically worried, when actually there is nothing to be worried about?
For The Taming of the Shrew is a play-within-a-play, opening with the paralytically drunk tinker falling out of bad company to be chanced upon by a group of hunters who, for a laugh, decide to delude him into thinking he's a lord.
THE young girl lies sprawled on the pavement, paralytically drunk at the end of another bender.
Stranded in snowbound mountains, Wharton's urbane narrator is obsessed with the fragments of tales that fail to explain Ethan Frome, an emasculated man wounded in a suicide manque that has left him limping and trapped in a living death plagued by two crones: his elderly wife and the paralytically broken and witch-like figure of Ethan Frome's former beloved.