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Studies show decreased pain with the injection, however, there was a relatively higher risk of complications including finger paralyzation and weakness.
(2010), studying the transition from bisexual to unisexual flowers in Phoenix dactylifera L., observed that the non-development of the residual organs is due to paralyzation of the cell activity, and not to cell death in the tissues of these organs.
All this medieval vandalism took place amid full paralyzation of the local authorities in Sumgait and Baku and the
Furthermore, issues such as the need for medical paralyzation, increased work of breathing, chronic chest or shoulder pain secondary to the bony nonunion were not addressed.
The events and the political conflicts of the years 2002 and 2003, with the successive marches and countermarches, the dismissal of public employees, the resignation and return of the president of the republic, the national strike of PDVSA workers at the end of 2002, and the paralyzation of the country and its everyday life until the beginning of 2003, everything contributed to the destruction of the social contract.