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The roar that was intended to paralyze the deer broke horribly from the deep throat of the great cat--an angry roar of rage against the meddling Sheeta who had robbed him of his kill, and the charge that was intended for Bara was launched against the panther; but here too Numa was doomed to disappointment, for with the first notes of his fearsome roar Sheeta, considering well the better part of valor, leaped into a near-by tree.
Scorpions, notorious for the defnesive stings they inflict when disturbed by humans, also use their poisons offensively to paralyze prey such as insects, other scorpions or small vertebrates.
Laboratory experiments show that AaH IT4, like anti-insect toxins secreted by other "Old World" scorpions, paralyzes insect larvae by binding to sodium channels on the larvae's nerve-cell membranes.