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They may have something to teach as well, about how to organize and move forward in a situation unionists in most industrialized countries would find paralyzingly dangerous.
It is little more than an excuse for Carvey to roll out a string of impersonations, mimicry and eccentric characters (Turtle Man gets my vote as the most paralyzingly unfunny) involving movie in-jokes, stunt costumes and ethnic stereotypes.
Even the words Constabl e used to describe what he saw on a lane in Suffolk--"the lights and shadows of Evening are of a more saffron or ruddy hue, vegetation being parched during the day from the drought and the heat"--might well serve as a description of the rugged and varied landscape Freud makes out of flesh, with its hills and vales, dry and moist patches, subcutaneous veins and bones, all scrutinized with a paralyzingly acute focus.