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A great deal of evidence suggests that even this latter form of local family law, which has no formal teeth whatsoever, is likely to greatly influence the large number of judges who are actively seeking guidance in exercising their paralyzingly broad discretion.
Many of the poets I know seem to spend a lot of time brooding over this issue of non-power, and if you combine grief over our limited role as citizen-artists with environmental grief, the place from which you are writing can get almost paralyzingly grim.
The absence of the father proves paralyzingly traumatic for the son.
Casting director Carla Hool rates a huge bonus for tracking down the people who play everyone from the most savage looking warriors to the paralyzingly weird female aristocrats in the city.
What to do in the face of such paralyzingly deliberate illogic?
Truss (who prefers to be called Lynne by friends and strangers alike) is a smart, engaging, perceptive, high-spirited, and paralyzingly funny writer.