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This study further investigated the clinical surgical feasibility of Mast Quadrant-assisted minimally invasive modified TLIF with a small single posterior median incision based on previous clinical surgeries using Mast Quadrant-assisted minimally invasive modified TLIF with a double paramedian incision.
Ovariectomy was carried out using a posterior approach through bilateral paramedian incisions.
On opening the abdomen by right paramedian incision, minimal amount of ascitic fluid was drained and also collected for cytological investigation.
Through left paramedian incision, the gravid uterus was exteriorized by following standard procedures.
After a paramedian incision in the sternocostal articulation, a minutious dissection was performed in order to expose and identify the sinoatrial node (SAN) artery, a right or left coronary artery branch.
Patient underwent surgical treatment through right paramedian incision.
A paramedian incision was made on right testicle (seminoma) in mongrel dog and a left paramedian incision was made directly on swelling for Pomeranian dog and testicles (seminoma) were exposed, ligation of spermatic cord was done using chromic catgut no.