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From Figure 9 it is seen that ratio parameter is gone to 0.
Box-Behnken design (BBD) involving four parameters discharge current (I), Pulse ON time (PON), Pulse OFF time (POFF) andGap voltage, with three levels was employed to minimize the surface roughness.
Lambing season significantly affected parameter "a" and "b", whereas sex highly affected only parameter "b" (Table V).
The parameters of Weibull distribution's parameter (k and c) can be found by a number of ways.
We use Sobol' sequences [10] for even sampling of the algorithm parameter space to generate a large and diverse set of parameter settings.
Authors of [2] have shown that the choice of specific wavelet for Hurst parameter estimation is based only on its number of vanishing moments N.
Parameter Generation & Control is an internationally respected innovator and manufacturer of precise stability storage products.
Every of that maps will contain a significant number of parameters which will get weighted and judged.
The problem that arises in the administration of CATs is that the item parameters that are estimated in the process of calibration of the bank are considered to be true parameters instead of parameter estimates; thus the estimation error involved in each estimate is disregarded.
Secondary parameters Parameter Description CTP Contract type (lump sum or unit price) AGS Number of at-grade stations EST Number of elevated stations TLM Total length of main line PDO Percentage of total length of depressed-open sections (ramps) to the TLM Table 2.
The above mentioned second question asks whether computer algebra software can help to achieve the extensions of the understanding of the parameter from placeholder to the parameter as changing quantity, as generalizer and as unknown.
2005) failed to take into account the phenotypes of the parents as a variable that would influence the AGD of the study subjects, much as other human anatomical parameters (i.