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Starting with a universe of stocks from the S&P 500 and MSCI EAFE Indexes (the Indexes), Parametric uses an optimization process to overweight companies with above average ESG scores.
Parametric is a leading provider of engineered investment strategies and implementation services to institutions, family offices and individual investors.
To these capabilities, an upcoming version of Cimatron software will add a parametric solids-based module for designing the mold base and keeping track of its many components.
The slow parametric oscillations (jagged line) give the bubble some time to adjust its size before it hits the Rayleigh-Taylor instability region (solid line).
Before joining Parametric, he was the Director of Institutional Services at Crawford Investment Counsel and had worked for the firm since 2011.
The order was driven by the tool's ability to eliminate manufacturing contamination created by in-line DC parametric testing, which is reported to cause manufacturing yield losses.
Parametric yield loss is driven by inter-die and intra-die (mismatch) parametric process variation," said Kevin MacLean, vice-president of marketing and development at PDF Solutions.
Doug is responsible for establishing investment management relationships for the southeast United States and for promoting and assisting with consultative sales and service of the rapidly growing Parametric Clifton line of institutional offerings.
With the new Agilent N9201A, Agilent's 4070 testers are the first production parametric testers to offer a per-channel SMU (source/monitor unit) architecture that supports up to 40 total SMUs, five times more SMUs than previously available in a single tester, for extremely fast characterization of in-line array test structures.
The new employees report to James Barrett, Parametric Clifton's Managing Director of Institutional Sales and Client Service.
Investors have been shying away from indemnity catastrophe bonds and gravitating towards index-based parametric catastrophe bonds.