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This method also fails to get an overall parametrical solution, let alone parametrical optimization and identification.
The extracted reduced histogram parameters form train parametrical vectors for a minimum mean distance classifier.
As we can see from the pseudo-code above, a GA is a parametrical algorithm whose application to a given problem requires setting parameters and making decisions about:
Robust feature extraction arithmetic based on parametrical log-polar transformation for texture image.
Data showed that the normality and no violation of homogeneity of variance and thus that parametrical tests.
For better insight, only changes in several parameters fixing the other ones are actually investigated which usually leads to some discretization of the parametrical space.
Such decision is especially effective for transforming radiation of continuous fiber and semiconductor lasers, developing parametrical generators of light (Galutskiy, Stroganova, and Yakovenko, 2011).
Certain geometric entities were first constrained to the imported geometry to maintain the original design and the constraints were then removed to allow the parametrical editing.
Parametrical studies with some sensitive parameters such as the number of MTM unit cells (lateral surface) of the ground plane, the dimension of the radiator element and the position of the feeding antenna input have been presented.
At modernization of complex aggregates the known principles of design, parametrical setting and adjustment of electromechanical systems on the basis of analytical methods and imitating modeling, with the subsequent debugging on object, were insufficiently effective.
05) * Non parametrical date (median and interquartilic amplitude); ** significative differences pre x pos intervention (p < 0.