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With extensive documentation, they argue that `from the history of the struggle for Fijian paramountcy, we learn that the main beneficiaries were not the vast majority of ordinary Fijians but the Fijian elite'.
After the 1987 coups, the military-backed interim administration moved to assert Fijian political paramountcy, introducing constitutional changes in 1990 to preserve elite Fijian dominance with the stated objective of 'affirmative action' for Fijians in the electoral system, education, land ownership and appointment of government officials.
In August British paramountcy over the princely states was withdrawn, leaving the darbars at the mercy of the successor Congress government in New Delhi.
10 The 1821 discourse is especially illustrative for today's debates about the desirability of creating a new federalism in Mexico to restore the paramountcy of the regions over the center, and for the separation of powers.
Later Rhyne changed his mind and staked a claim to the paramountcy.
Additionally, Australia evidences a non-prejudicial attitude in its paramountcy principle.
His authority, for all intents and purposes in the area of the Palestinian administrative domain, is thus derived from Israel's paramountcy.
Kallen, A Free Society (New York, 1934), 76-8 notes that freedom meant that "an alternative existed for every claim to paramountcy upon an individual's devotion and allegiance.
Under the terms of the peace treaty of 1905, Russia recognized Japanese paramountcy in Korea.
Furthermore, one of the most salient features of its outlook and discourse - the supreme importance that it attaches to the value complex of individualism - has been significantly affected by the converging influence of the paramountcy of individualism in American cultural tradition, the emphasis on individual fights and the neo-individualism of the decades in which bioethics has emerged, and the centrality of the principle of autonomy in Anglo-American analytic philosophy, which has been the regnant intellectual framework of American bioethical thought.
Walter Kaegi is at his best here as a sober scholar who understands the value and paramountcy of the Arabic sources for reconstructing the history of the Arab conquests and he knows how to use them critically and judiciously.
For instance, while there are many differences between our culture and that of ancient Rome, we share Roman assumptions about the need for order, about the paramountcy of the law, about military virtue, and so forth.