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The minutes passed, and there the figure stood, a motionless black object, behind the black parapet of the bridge.
was all that was said of them, and they were thrown over the parapet and removed later on that they might not stink.
Staggering as if struck by lightning, he lost his balance and tumbled over the parapet.
Leaning her elbows on the parapet, she contemplated the River Arno, whose roar was suggesting some unexpected melody to her ears.
Porthos and Aramis, mute and trembling at the top of the parapet, cried to the musketeer, "Good D'Artagnan, take care
He hung well over the parapet, as if captivated by the smooth rush of the blue water under the arch.
There was a piece of ornamental water immediately below the parapet, on the other side, into which Mr.
Flambeau, leaning motionless on the parapet, laughed and said: "My dear fellow
All at once, while he was scrutinizing the great city with that eye which nature, by a sort of compensation, had made so piercing that it could almost supply the other organs which Quasimodo lacked, it seemed to him that there was something singular about the Quay de la Vieille-Pelleterie, that there was a movement at that point, that the line of the parapet, standing out blackly against the whiteness of the water was not straight and tranquil, like that of the other quays, but that it undulated to the eye, like the waves of a river, or like the heads of a crowd in motion.
Wilfred's face was turned away, but his bony hands turned blue and white as they tightened on the parapet of stone.
The single window opened upon an embattled space surmounting the turret, which gave Rebecca, at first sight, some hopes of escaping; but she soon found it had no communication with any other part of the battlements, being an isolated bartisan, or balcony, secured, as usual, by a parapet, with embrasures, at which a few archers might be stationed for defending the turret, and flanking with their shot the wall of the castle on that side.
Margaret leant over the parapet and watched it sadly.