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The parapharyngeal space is the area within the deep neck medial to the masseter muscle and lateral to the superior pharyngeal constrictor.
Solitary fibrous tumor in the parapharyngeal space.
The parapharyngeal space (which was invaded by tumor in our case) is a "potential space, shaped like an inverted pyramid, with its base at the cranial base and its apex at the greater cornu of the hyoid bone.
Parapharyngeal space tumors: anatomical and image analysis findings.
Other pathways for infection to spread to the mediastinum include the pretracheal space and the parapharyngeal space.
On review of a magnetic resonance imaging scan performed at 9 months of age, a solid, homogeneous mass located posterior to the submandibular gland and encroaching on the parapharyngeal space was noted (Figure 1).
The mass involved the parapharyngeal space and parotid gland.
We present 2 additional cases, one of which arose in what appears to be an unusual location, the prestyloid parapharyngeal space.
Neoplasms within the parapharyngeal space are rare, accounting for only 0.
Therefore, the only place for infection to spread is either into the tongue or into the parapharyngeal space.
Leiomyosarcoma of the head and neck is very rare, as only about 100 cases have been reported; of these, only 3 cases have been previously reported in the parapharyngeal space.