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There are about 70 pathological types found in the parapharyngeal space.
Key Words: Parapharyngeal space tumors, Lipomas, Tumors in children, Soft tissue tumor.
In remaining two patients one patient with tumor of parapharyngeal space and one patient with tumor on floor of the mouth had limited tongue movement in submental flap group.
The parapharyngeal space (PPS) is an inverted, cone-shaped, fascial space of the suprahyoid neck that largely contains fat and is surrounded by several other important fascial spaces.
CT scan done soon after the first biopsy showed small residual mass in the upper part of the right parapharyngeal space adjacent to the medial pterygoid muscle.
Ganglioneuroma of the parapharyngeal space in a pediatric patient.
The typical form of presentation is a painless slow-growing mass, that can bulge into pharynx or extend into parapharyngeal space and can splay internal and external carotid artery ("lyre" sign, Fig.
5 cm in the right parapharyngeal space, extending to the retropharyngeal space with surrounding soft tissue oedema.
Chapters are divided into thematic sections covering thyroid parathyroid glands, neck metastases, oral/oropharyngeal tumors, laryngeal tumors, hypopharyngeal cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, salivary glands, skull base tumors, vascular tumors, congenital tumors, parapharyngeal space tumors, infections of the head and neck, tracheotomy, reconstruction, and miscellaneous.
2) Less frequently it spreads to the parapharyngeal space via the base of the skull, (3) as in this case.
CT scan showed that the FBSOS had penetrated through the right orbit to the maxillary sinus to the right lateral pterygoid muscle and parapharyngeal space to the right nape, with the far end reaching the right transverse process of the atlas [Figure 3]a,[Figure 3]b,[Figure 3]c,[Figure 3]d.
3] mass in the right parapharyngeal space, extending medially into the right pharyngeal mucosal space (figure 1).