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127), and, like Steven Katz, that "verbal music" provides for poems a "sensory meaning" preceding any paraphrasable semantics (p.
Deriving from the verb decir 'say' its most common uses are to mark reported speech and hearsay, and as such it is often paraphrasable by dicen que 'they say that', or se dice que 'it is said that'.
The realists, Winters had maintained in The Anatomy of Nonsense, held that language was stable, paraphrasable, and meaningful.
In the poem itself, these meanings are not paraphrasable.
a sure applicant to succeed is acceptable under the raising interpretation paraphrasable as 'an applicant generally expected to succeed,' but not under the "nonraising" interpretation equivalent to 'an applicant who is sure that he will succeed.
Second, then, it means that a focus on paraphrasable content will only draw our attention off into largely irrelevant problems of logic and coherence-irrelevant because the logical knots and moments of incoherence reveal an experience that problem solving could only obscure.
Through extension of meaning, panier has thus lost its relational character, that is, it is no longer paraphrasable by 'a container that has to do with x (bread),' destroying, by the same token, the basis for a possible reinterpretation of the suffix -ier on the basis of this word.