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Ishaq ibn Hunayn translated the paraphrase into Arabic probably in Baghdad during the latter half of the ninth century, and Moshe ibn Tibbon translated the Arabic into Hebrew in 1255 in Provence.
"The Bible by Jesus: Featuring the Complete Old and New Testament is an authoritative paraphrase which creates a fresh, intimate experience with God through His Word: I encourage you to read the pages of "The Bible by Jesus." Enjoy the intimacy of His presence.
Semantic paraphrase is a reformulation procedure that preserves the mean ing of the original utterance, but not the lexis or construction.
The success of the activity varied between the four classes, but in each class the students were engaged in the activity, completed at least one paraphrase, and were excited to share with each other and the class what they had written.
The technologies we have developed in ParaPhrase make it possible now to really exploit the power of these new systems."
In spite of its difficulty, the Themistian paraphrase remains fundamentally Aristotelian in its perspective, following the order of the Aristotelian text fairly closely while at the same time providing stimulating discussions of Aristotle's thoughts as well as expanding upon the original text of Aristotle in interesting ways.
The postal service ensures that even people in remote rural villages can receive, letters and deliveries, (paraphrase; yes argument, second paragraph)
Paraphrases on the Epistles to the Corinthians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Thessalonians.
We present in this paper a novel approach to the task of paraphrase identification.
Therefore, I predicted that training would provide the encouragement needed to paraphrase the lengthier passage more accurately--or commit fewer errors--than the control.
This is not an easy skill and if you try to paraphrase single sentences or small paragraphs you will inevitably end up copying (usually muttering the words 'I couldn't write it any other way').
The paraphrase. It's true that we mustn't change direct quotations, but we can remove the marks that make them direct, and reword them for clarity, brevity and grace.