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Questioning and paraphrasing by both hearing and deaf persons can help clarify the intent and meaning of a written message when necessary.
Paraphrasing Pablo Picasso and Sandro Chia at the same time, the Ironing Bear, 1985, by Kelemen was the emblem of the "new sensibility.
Under the aegis of a facile appropriation of Foucauldian theory, artists continue to busy themselves with the task of literally and limply paraphrasing the social history of "site.
The standard definition implies to use different words when paraphrasing.
The current study tested the effectiveness of paraphrasing training designed to prevent unintentional plagiarism.
Hotline wrote, paraphrasing June conference speaker Wayne Lukas, "If you want to get something done, clearly define what it is, then hone in on it.
It's supposed to be a humorous paraphrasing of "Captain, My Captain
There follow three chapters on specific ways in which Erasmus used his humanistic learning in providing voicing and historical specificity to the copia of his paraphrasing.
We don't consider ourselves spoilers, we consider ourselves sweeteners," Myerson says, paraphrasing Carter (who didn't return calls).
Recently, however, I have had huge success in my freshman and Advanced Composition classes at Wiley College incorporating a series of paraphrase clinics using E-Prime as a major paraphrasing st rategy.
Twenty or thirty years ago, he might have made a viable Presidential candidate, but now he is reduced to doing a nightclub comic's shtick, paraphrasing George Wallace's 1968 mantra that "there isn't a dime's worth of difference between the major parties" by saying that "the only difference is the speed with which their knees hit the floor when the corporate contributors come through the door.
The subcommittee members also suggested paraphrasing loan words with other Japanese words, alarmed by the increased usage of words of foreign origin in newspapers and documents of government entities.