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36) Even his paraphrastic explanation in the Small Catechism seems to imply (for both the 1959 and the 2000 editions of English translations of The Book of Concord) that he had men and women equally in mind.
His fondness for the exegesis and traditions of myth in later life is shown by his use of works like Abraham Fraunce's The Third Part of the Countess of Pembroke's Yvychurch (1593); this consists of a series of paraphrastic translations of parts of the Metamorphoses, each followed by a summary of the various interpretations and traditions of the myths involved.
91) Instead of being hearsay, authoritative reading had preemptive and precedential value, as both a "verdict" already rendered and the paraphrastic "eyewitness" evidence behind dissipated companion verdicts.
Philo now applies himself to a closer rendering of Sanchuniathon's original (though we should not expect to find from now on a literal translation free from paraphrastic expansion).
I respond warmly to such a holistic approach to the individual creator's personal resources, and recall, in this connection, a paraphrastic injunction that Roberto Gerhard offered to his seminar at the University of Michigan: "Reason proposes, subliminal man disposes, but, of course, the whole man composes, and nothing but the whole man will do for that.
O'Neill is extremely adept both at the expository and paraphrastic prose that makes up his evaluative, theoretically thematic essays and at the gamey, descriptive, and performative discourse that he employs in representing the "literary body.
William Safire, who arranged for its publication, wrote an accompanying column adorned by paraphrastic commentary.
The text itself is a paraphrastic commentary on a Pseudo-Aristotelian text which Albert mistakenly attributed to the peripatetic philosopher.
In addition to an introductory chapter that places this correspondence in its intellectual and historical context, the authors provided translations of the major biographies of the two physicians (along with a first attempt to rationalize the bibliographical information from the medieval sources) and established the Arabic text of five of the letters of the correspondence, (16) accompanied by paraphrastic English translations and excerpted summaries.
The conventional descriptive catalogues of attributes that readers have identified in James Thomson's The Seasons and the paraphrastic poetic diction of the earlier decades of the century are deployed in the first part (stanzas 1-17) of the twenty-one-stanza poem.
It does not mean mimetic expansion (either paraphrastic or "poetic") wherein the critic chronicles his own interiorizing or appropriative processes.
She analyzes Garzoni's paraphrastic techniques and argues that this prolific writer produced saint's lives to use in teaching students Latin syntax and vocabulary.