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36) Even his paraphrastic explanation in the Small Catechism seems to imply (for both the 1959 and the 2000 editions of English translations of The Book of Concord) that he had men and women equally in mind.
In addition to an introductory chapter that places this correspondence in its intellectual and historical context, the authors provided translations of the major biographies of the two physicians (along with a first attempt to rationalize the bibliographical information from the medieval sources) and established the Arabic text of five of the letters of the correspondence, (16) accompanied by paraphrastic English translations and excerpted summaries.
She analyzes Garzoni's paraphrastic techniques and argues that this prolific writer produced saint's lives to use in teaching students Latin syntax and vocabulary.
As Resnick and Kitchell point out in their introduction, it is probable that at the time Albert disputed these questions, he was already at work on his De animalibus libri XXVI, a massive paraphrastic commentary on the same Aristotelian works.
67) Here al-Wahidi states that he has divided and collected the exegetical material into three groups (majmu'at): first, that based on philological understanding, or what he calls "meanings" (ma'ani al-tafsir); second, material inherited from the early generations or which has come to be accepted because it is based on hadith methodology (musnad al-tafsir); and third, paraphrastic or abridged material (mukhtasar al-tafsir).
A start was made by Hermann Stadler, who in the years before the First World War provided a modern edition of Albert's paraphrastic commentary on Aristotle's zoological books.
Before 1970, most scholars thought that the earliest manuscripts of the Peshitta were highly paraphrastic (like the Palestinian Targum, which many thought served as the Peshitta source) and that the later ones were mostly literal, minus the excised paraphrases.